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Session and Live sound control
Live Sound Engineering
A lot of our clients work involves live music set-up, audio mixing, control of sound levels and acoustics - i.e sound engineer service. Live band shows or gigs, public festivals, private parties and even DJ-ing.  We have equipment for all levels and capacities and should source any additional items if required.
Session musicians 
This is for singers or groups who may need one-off extra instrumentalists, background vocalists and other similar session performers. If required we can always quickly provide experienced people for you at reasonable prices. 
Recent Clients:
Oxford: Sacred Heart RC Church-Sunday Worship Live Music  set-up/ musicians
            Perazim Evng. Ministries Int'l Sunday Worship- Session Musicians
            East Oxford Community Centre -Sound Engineering and session
            musicians for various local groups/ community events
Studio Design, Sound and Acoustics Control
For the practicing musician or producer, we can provide at reasonable cost consultancy service towards detailed music recording studio design or set up. From the basic regulatory HSE requirements (for instance), to full-scale building work-space configuration(*), we will analyse and set up an up-to-standard operating  environment for your studio that all clients will feel comfortable to work from.
(*)in relation to key room acoustic characteristics and parameters: e.g. room reverbaration, interference with signal, overall signal equalisation/processing requirements. Signal flow and set up  relative to instrument placing, actual equipment needed. All work is done by experienced qualified engineers .

Equipment selection and optimising
We will evaluate your sound production work ,establish needs and identify suitable equipment sets: e.g sound system  ratings vs. venue, midi based or live acoustics, PC hard disk or if just top-end reel tape will do!  We can equally source the said equipments for you at small commission (contract work).


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