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W H A T   I S  S A V A N N A H S O U L ?
The essence origin and objective - A running introduction            
Wherefrom and Why the term 'Savannah Soul'
'Savannah' here stands for the Savannah Region in Africa (demographically the Central, Eastern and Southern Africa), while 'Soul' refers literally to the character or soul of the life of this area of the world. The term 'Savannahsoul' -'savsoul' for short- aims to describe and uniquely characterise the indeginously evolved genre -- neo-contemporary, multi-culturally influenced but uniquely indeginous- of the new music that is in development since the mid 1990's in this region.
The uniqueness of this genre of music, and hence the principle reason to warrant its description as  a new genre relative to this region, arises in the following its main defining characteristics:
-Seamless multi-lingualism:  Song Lyrics being in more than one local or international lanugage of the area; typically English or French interspersing with local language; just as is actually done in normal speech  within this region
-Custom instrumentation:  'From-scratch' free-style music accompaniment and arrangement that  do not immediately copy any other popular global styles but rather adapt in the first instance to the original music. 
- Afro-roots integrity:  Unapologetically 'neo -Afro-rythmic' foundations and classic afrobeat dynamics which are only overlain as required by more international flavour/embellishment and this largely to cater for the latter audience demographic.
Use and Significances
The main anchors above where consciously applied have presently resulted in the unique music that we have presented  on this website and elsehwere as 'Savannahsoul'.  It would be difficult to describe this music as any other pre-existing genre (even 'African-pop' is probably too generic), simply because it really is not any of that. The closest link to any other genres is largely if not only by inevitable cross-fusion and where similar music roots dictate the original basis of the music. 
We hasten to clarify that this term is at the moment, as far as we know, strictly only used by us in this context, i.e. solely for purposes of describing the same-named music genre above  being actively developed at TRAXBOX AMSPUG (The term is originally conjured up in the above context by J. Mawejje). Other alternative uses of the term are evident and not disputed or disparaged in any way. We also do not attempt to assume or claim any authority to specify  or demand use of this term,or insist in any way on a rigourous adherence to this approach , but hope however this or similar terms would be adopted more universally, for the simple reason that  the current 'international' alternative descriptions of, say 'Afro-pop' or 'world music' are not only too generalistic, they are completely off the target in describing contemporary regional Savannah Africa Music as we (the originating artists) know it. A single unique term like this also serves to anchor our products in the wider international market by virtue of its being unique and aptly descriptive ( helps stop the claims, once and for all, of this music being 'copied from R&B, Dance Hall' etc, etc !)
Opposite on this page  is an original article* which still aptly summarises the essence, origin and pioneering work regarding savannahsoul as a distinct music genre.(J.Mawejje, ~1996)
Copyright TRAXBOX AMSPUG. 2005


SAVANNAHSOUL - Original article on descriptions, characteristics 
and pioneering works (~1996)