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Basic          studiorecfaq.jpg
Basic Level 'Demo' recording :If you only want a small sample, or non-commercial trial or demo take, this is for you. Also Speech,voice overs, audio for multimedia PC work, and simple (one-man band) music set ups.
Standard (Silver)
Professionally set-up standard studio environment including segregated live recording and control rooms, voice booths; signal/instrument routing and interfacing, CD quality premium by default. Out-of-studio part productions also arranged in this level. Example: 4+ man band group, with live acoustic instruments.    
Advanced (Gold)            
Full professional hi-end recording, mixing and mastering. For album chart hits, final commercial release productions (quality) combined with a substantial production scope (fine acoustics,porper 'analogue' sound,5.1 surround format, etc). Suitable for high calibre music works, orchestras or choir esnsembles or simply the discerning solo artist as well.
Any Studio recording defaults?  What about the out of studio options?
1: Full Studio-based recording : involves sound-proofed 'live sound' room or 'live acoustic' play area, plus separate control room for the sound engineers. This ensures the best available acoustic control for a right-first-time  recording, saves time and money later!
Default settings
Recording: -  Default multitrack, (AD/DA) format, upto 96khz/24 bit top quality equipment        Editing  :Midi/Audio sequencing, , song arrangement ,instrumentals, full DSP on Audio tracks 
Post production -CD/MD/tape master copy: archiving ,duplication and jacket design
Suitable for  al pro-level work, remixes,full orchestral songs
2. Part studio-based/outdoors: achieved using portable recording systems, e.g. client's own preferred locations, live out-doors . Can be expensive as may require moving equipment, adjusting premise for ideal 'recording'acoustics, and invariable will involve subsequent in-studio mixdown, mastering, etc! However only option for live gigs, festivals and large ensembles.
Default settings
Recording: Similar to full studio default set-up but appropriately adapted to environments; 
16+ audio multitrack, 256+Midi, HD or tape master, quality DSP
Editing:-  Midi/Audio sequencing, , music arrangement ,instrumentals  -  'Real-time' recording 
of Midi instruments in sync with analog audio: immeidately or later on processed for client copy in Midi/Audio mp3,wav, formats  

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